How Indians invest their money?

Most of us would be investing our money in Fixed Deposits, Real Estate, Mutual Funds etc.

But have you ever wondered where do Indians cumulatively invest their money and in what proportions? Do you know how much worth of Gold we Indians own?

Read on to know the answer to aforementioned questions and some other interesting facts.

Total individual wealth in India or the money owned by all individuals in India (i.e. not considering the government and institutional money) is divided primarily into 2 segments – Continue reading “How Indians invest their money?”

Mutual Fund Sahi Hai! – What to look for in Mutual Funds before investing?

Yesterday after a long time I was watching TV and the occasion was nothing short of a festival as Indian Cricket Team was playing against Pakistan in Champions Trophy 2017.

Though the match turned out to be quite painful, I was pleasantly surprised by seeing the number of ads which are being run online by AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India) to educate common man (retail investor) about investing in Mutual Funds.It’s a great marketing strategy to occupy short ad spots and increase the frequency with which the ad appears, and this is what they seem to be doing, Continue reading “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai! – What to look for in Mutual Funds before investing?”

How does taxation on Mutual Fund investments work?

However, complicated it might sound, tax levied on Mutual Fund investment is very straight-forward and simple. Best thing about taxation on Mutual Funds is that there is no TDS (Unlike Fixed Deposit), and a investor needs to declare it’s taxes on it’s own after adjusting for all capital gains (or loses). Continue reading “How does taxation on Mutual Fund investments work?”

What are the different kinds of mutual funds and where do they invest?

The investment patterns in India have always been inclined towards risk-free zones. People preferred fixed deposits, gold, land, and government bonds. As surety of return has always been a critical factor, people tend to avoid high-risk investments. Mutual Funds solve these problems. If invested wisely, these are the most flexible, comprehensive, and hassle-free medium to invest.

While these are the traditional methods of safe investment, there are certain trends which are on the raise.

Continue reading “What are the different kinds of mutual funds and where do they invest?”

What Are The Best Tax Saving Plans & Options in India?

Various schemes can help people to save money on tax. To save money on tax is an essence of today’s modern world. Day by day individuals are planning to save money on tax. An income tax is imposed on an individual or a company by the government of India in the slab of taxable income. India has got multiple government as well as private organizations offering numerous tax saving options to the residents of our country. There are some of the best tax saving instruments in India and here is a short list of them. Continue reading “What Are The Best Tax Saving Plans & Options in India?”